I like cocks of all types -- hard, soft, cut, and uncut. I also like trannys, ladyboys, cross dressers and sissys. I love to suck and be sucked, and the taste of hot cum. If you live near Seattle and want to play, message me.

I have been posting cum shots lately because i get VERY HARD AND AROUSED thinking about orgasms. Duh!!!

I have never been with a tranny and want to. If you live near me -- i want to hook up.

I sometimes wear sexy panties. I don't know why girls should have all the fun with fun undies.

I consder myself bisexual and have enjoyed a few three-way playtimes. So if you are the same, that would be fun too.

Of course you can ask me anything, you can send me your hot and sexy pictures, and i chat online too.

Skype: slippery4me (friend me...)
Email: send me a message...

I love sexy submissions... (see below...)

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hmmm…. :D

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All of my undies on display.

jealous….  :D

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Oh yeah baby…. my pussy is wet now…. mmmmmmmm

oh yeah…  :D

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makes my mouth water… yummy… :D

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I love this suspender thong! I bought new gloss stockings especially to wear with it & my pale pink heels. I think it’s a good match & got so turned on wearing this …..anyway I had some asks to see some pics & here they are. Hope you like?

So beautiful!! The last pic is outstanding xoxo

Hot pic set!!!!

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fun…. :D

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